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About Us

LE&M - (Law Enforcement & Military) Distributors Limited was formed in 2004 as a sister company to Sportways Distributors  ( to focus on our commitment to the professional sector and separate the Police, Military and Government business from the sporting market. In 2008 LE&M obtained Trace Certification.

LE&M have been appointed by some of the most prestigious names in the industry internationally as their exclusive New Zealand Distributors. Our commitment to our principal suppliers is to provide the highest level of representation of theirproducts.

A number of the manufacturers represented by Sportways Distributors shared distribution for LE&M to service the professional sector. Our direct representation of these companies allows us to provide genuinely competitive internationalpricing to Law Enforcement, Military, Government agencies and the security sector.

We are a professional company that strives to meet and exceed the performance expectations of our customers with the products we sell and our support for those products.

As a major supplier to the New Zealand market in Firearms, Ammunition, Tactical and Duty equipment, clothing, footwear and a wide range of accessories we welcome your interest in our products.