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Aimpoint Logo 001

Aimpoint is the recognised worldwide leader and originator of the red dot sighting technology. After more than 30 years of working closely with military weapon systems experts, experienced hunters and marksmen around the world, Aimpoint red dotsights remain the No. 1 choice for combining speed and accuracy.

 Surefire Logo 001

Surefire manufactures powerful LED flashlights and incandescent flashlights,  Surefire Batteries, headlamps, tactical flashlights,  Surefire suppressors and more....

Magpul Logo 001

Magpul Industries is an American designer and manufacturer of high-quality consumer products, including firearms accessories and electronics cases.


 Blackhawk Logo 001 

Blackhawk® was founded in 1993 by former Navy SEAL Mike Noell. BlackHawk's meticulous obsession with quality has made it the ops gear of choice for Special Operation units worldwide.

Bushmaster Logo 001

Founded in 1978, Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC, Inc. is the leading supplier of AR15 type rifles in the United States. Bushmaster firearms are used by hundreds of police departments and law enforcement organizations nationwide, by themilitary of more than 50 countries worldwide, in private security and safety applications, and by consumers for hunting, recreation, and competition.


Rings Manufacturing crafts the most detailed, accurate and extensive line of Firearm Simulators on the market today. All of our products are inert detailed replicas of actual weapons designed for Law Enforcement and MilitaryTraining.

Streamlight Logo 001

Streamlight is a hands-on company. We learn by doing, so we understand what our customers need because were out there doing what they do, using the same lighting tools in the same ways. Rechargeable and Non Rechargeable. LED and XEONTorches.

Tactical Taylor Logo 001

American made Tactical equipment for Law Enforcement and Military. Vests, Modular Pouches and Holsters, Packs, Hydration, Gloves and accessories.

Weaver Logo

Use Weaver tactical products to mount your favorite optics & accessories and enjoy the rugged service that Weaver provides.